The history of our company in Gelsenkirchen starts in 1926.

Karl Oexmann, the grandfather of today's owner Thomas Oexmann, founded the Oexmann cone factory. During previous years he had already made ice cream cones for his own 6 ice cream parlors. Thus he was self-sufficient and independent of other suppliers.

However, the demand for Oexmann's cones increased so that Karl Oexmann left his passion for ice cream production behind and sold the business.

The Oexmann cone factory was founded.

Even through the second world war Karl Oexmann continued to produce ice cream cones in a bunker in Gelsenkirchen Hessler.

When the founder died in the early 1960s his son Wolfgang Oexmann took over the company and with the entry into the ice cream industry business he developed it into one of the world's leading companies in this sector.

In 1973 Wolfgang Oexmann built a new plant on a green field in Gelsenkirchen Schalke and thus set new standards in the production of ice cream cones.

In 1997 Thomas Oexmann took over the management and continued to move forward in terms of quality, technology and food safety.

Today, after almost 100 years, the company is the most modern and efficient of its time and can count itself among the largest manufacturers of ice cream cones which today sells cones to many countries of the globe.

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